"Gog and Magog"

“August 22” - "During the Cold War, both sides possessed weapons of mass destruction, butneither side used them, deterred by what was known as MAD, mutual assured destruction. Similar constraints have no doubt prevented their use in theconfrontation between India and Pakistan. In our own day a new suchconfrontation seems to be looming between a nuclear-armed Iran and its favoriteenemies, named by the late Ayatollah Khomeini as the Great Satan and the LittleSatan, i.e., the United States and Israel. Against the U.S. the bombs might bedelivered by terrorists, a method having the advantage of bearing no returnaddress. Against Israel, the target is small enough to attempt obliteration bydirect bombardment.It seems increasingly likely that the Iranians either have or very soon willhave nuclear weapons at their disposal, thanks to their own researches (whichbegan some 15 years ago), to some of their obliging neighbors, and to theever-helpful rulers of North Korea. The language used by Iranian President Ahmadinejad would seem to indicate the reality and indeed the imminence of thisthreat. Would the same constraints, the same fear of mutual assured destruction,restrain a nuclear-armed Iran from using such weapons against the U.S. oragainst Israel? There is a radical difference between the Islamic Republic of Iran and other governments with nuclear weapons. This difference is expressed in what can only be described as the apocalyptic world view of Iran's present rulers". ... "The new apocalyptic vision. In Islam, as in Judaism and Christianity, there are certain beliefs concerningthe cosmic struggle at the end of time -- Gog and Magog, anti-Christ, Armageddon, and for Shiite Muslims, the long awaited return of the Hidden Imam, ending in the final victory of the forces of good over evil, however these maybe defined. Mr. Ahmadinejad and his followers clearly believe that this time isnow, and that the terminal struggle has already begun and is indeed welladvanced. It may even have a date, indicated by several references by the Iranian president to giving his final answer to the U.S. about nuclear development by Aug. 22. This was at first reported as "by the end of August," but Mr. Ahmadinejad's statement was more precise. What is the significance of Aug. 22? This year, Aug. 22 corresponds, in the Islamic calendar, to the 27th day of the month of Rajab of the year 1427. This, by tradition, is the night when many Muslims commemorate the night flight of the prophet Muhammad on the winged horse Buraq, first to "the farthest mosque,"usually identified with Jerusalem, and then to heaven and back (c.f., KoranXVII.1). This might well be deemed an appropriate date for the apocalypti cending of Israel and if necessary of the world. It is far from certain that Mr. Ahmadinejad plans any such cataclysmic events precisely for Aug. 22. But itwould be wise to bear the possibility in mind. A passage from the Ayatollah Khomeini, quoted in an 11th-grade Iranian schoolbook, is revealing". ... . Wall Street Journal (08/08/06). Text Mr. Lewis, teacher emeritus at Princeton, is the author, most recently, of" From Babel to Dragomans: Interpreting the Middle East" (Oxford University Press, 2004). Durante a Guerra Fria, ambos os lados (Capitalistas e Comunistas - USA e URSS) já DETIAM a tecnolgia bélica nuclear capaz de provocar o cataclisma de destruição de massa da humanidade, porém nenhum dos poderes chegou ao ponto de tamanha loucura em fazer uso de suas armas nucleares. Países como Índia e Paquistão também são detentores de armas nucleares, assim como a China e Israel, agora falta pouco para que a Coréia do Norte e Irã detenham completamente a tecnologia nuclear bélica. Bem, o Editorial do Wall Street Journal apenas traz parte de uma tesse do Professor Lewis da Universidade de Oxford, que apresenta o Irã como o possível país reponsável por um evento de Armagedom no mundo, haja vista comentários do seu presidente Ahmadinejad com relação as ações de Israel no Oriente Médio. O dia 22 de agosto citado pelo Wall Street Journal culminará, segundo a tradição do Islã, com a noite em que o Profeta Maomé vôo com seu cavalo para Buraq, ou seja, também corresponde ao 27º dia do mês de Rajab do ano 1427, segundo o calendário Mulçumano. Para a religião, tais datas são de extrema importância. Tanto Judeus, como Cristãos e mesmo Mulçumanos respeitam certas datas místicas vinculadas as suas religiões. Cabe agora os estados instituídos ficarem alertas para ações do ocidente e oriente. Fala-se muito em Irã, mas ninguém sabe o que ocorre na Coréia do Norte! Cita-se muito o presidente Ahmadinejad, mas e as ações do Mr. Bush e Mr. Blair? Comenta-se sobre a fé Islã! mas e o radicalismo cristão, no período das Cruzadas? O mundo precisa de paz e harmonia, não de conspiração religiosa ou política, mas infelizmente é só isso o que se vê nos noticiários, parace mesmo que o Apocalipse vem ai, seja via USA ou através dos Dragões do Oriente. Texto by Ton.
PS. There have been already several types of Gog and Magog in the world: In the last century, Communism from Russia and Hitler from Germany, since Gog is coming from the North, which is Europe, with Russia the farthest North. But long before, Muslim Empires have been considered Gog... or the Roman Empire... when the Scythians threatened, it was the Scythians; when the Huns threatened, it was the Huns; and when the Alans threatened, someone would call the Alans 'Gog and Magog'; so too with the Khazars, the Turks, the Magyars, the Parthians, the Mongols... Alexander... NA BÍBLIA ESSA TERMINOLOGIA É ENCONTRADA NOS LIVROS DE EZEQUIEL (Cap. 38-39), APOCALIPSE (Cap. 20:6-10) e GÊNESEIS (Cap. 10:1-2).

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