Look for children the America

Mr. Clayton
We can't continue to ask "what has my government done for me lately" but rather "what have I done to make my government work for the betterment of all". We are working on changing life for the betterment of the most innocent, vulnerable and defenseless of our nation CHILDREN. Children are being forced to endure unspeakable acts at the hands of adults. To make matters worse we have a government that makes the choice to ignore the pleas of these children. We have a government that facilitates child molesters congressionally and judicially. Unless we stand up for our children now we are destined to pay a price later. Visit MYSPACE.COM/STOPCOCA to see what is being done to make life for our children safer. Child molesters and its facilitators have waged a war against our children. Senator Obama is correct when he quotes Dr. King's "Fierce Urgency of Now". That quote came from his Vietnam War speech, well it applies to the war that has been waged on children. Lets not leave it all up to Senator Obama to make change "We" can do our part in keeping with his theme of CHANGE.
"FIERCE URGENCY OF NOW" That is what our nations children need!
"A Little Rebellion Now and Then Is A Good Thing for America", these are the words of Thomas Jefferson. Lets Rebel against business as usual and create an America that we can be proud of once again.
Peace and Blessings to all.
Bernadette Lockett

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