Develop Alternative Energy Markets

CFR - Recommendations - The Western Hemisphere produces 80 percent of the world’s biofuels, and a precedent for collaborative leadership has been established by the U.S.-Brazil initiative, which includes cooperation on standards to facilitate trade, technology distribution, andsupport for the development of biofuel production in other countries.

The expansion of these industries, aided by U.S. domestic and foreign policy incentives, can benefit the environment, foster economic development through technology transfer and adaptation, and aid in poverty reduction through job creation in the hemisphere. The Task Force recommends building on the U.S.-Brazil Biofuels Pact to encourage the development of alternative energy in the region. The most important policy steps are domestic, including removing disincentives for hemisphere production and trade in biofuels and creating incentives for U.S. gasdistributors to increase the availability of biofuels.

The Task Force also recommends that the United States encourage the production of alternative fuels and their use by creating a Western Hemisphere umbrella initiative for sustained collaboration and long-term cooperation with regional partners. This would include:

• Creating a Hemispheric Alternative Energy Initiative to develop capacity and infrastructure, encourage innovation, and address issues related to biofuels such as food security andenvironmental protection.
• Establishing a formal working group with Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico to discuss issues associated with the expansion of nuclear energy, in accordance with the International Atomic Energy Agency rules, and to collaborate on efforts that are both economically and environmentally sustainable.
• Promoting the production of alternative energies, such as wind and solar, through new incentives and trade missions sponsored by the secretary of commerce, and World Bank, IDB, and International Finance Corporation financing.
Fonte: CFR - U.S.-Latin America Relations: A New Direction for a New Reality / Independent Task Force Report N.º 60 . Veja mais em http://my.barackobama.com/page/community/blog/ton Foto: London. By Ton

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