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The month of September, considered the vestibule of the spring in the south hemisphere, arrives in São Paulo, Brazil, with good notice for the commander of blog Mix Ideias, Clayton Fernandes, which the same received the official notice from the UN and the Stanford Law School that will be part of the select international group of corporative values and social responsibility of such institutions.
Now it finishes to be communicated by the Global Compact that its testimonial sent to the Seal the Deal - Text sees below. As CEO of the Royal Business & Associados, Mr. Clayton Fernandes was chosen to be part of the official publication of the UN, with the testimonials of commitment in relation to the agreement of the climatic convention of the UN. Such document will be delivers for the leaders of governments of the world, that will be gifts in Copenhagen in the month of December of 2009, in the meeting of State of the UN.

O mês de setembro, considerado o portal da primavera no hemisfério sul, chega em São Paulo, Brasil, com boas notícias para o comandante do blog Mix Ideias, Clayton Fernandes, ao qual o mesmo recebeu o comunicado da ONU e da Stanford Law School que fará parte do seleto grupo internacional de valores corporativos e responsabilidade social de tais instituições.
Agora acaba de ser comunicado pelo Global Compact que seu testemunho enviado ao Seal the Deal - Veja texto abaixo. Como CEO da Royal Business & Associados, o senhor Clayton Fernandes foi escolhido para fazer parte da publicação oficial da ONU, com o testemunho de compromisso em relação ao acordo da convenção climática da ONU. Tal documento será entregue para os líderes de governos do mundo, que estarão presentes em Copenhague no mês de dezembro de 2009, na reunião de Estado da ONU.

Official document:
Sean Cruse - UN
Clayton Fernandes - Royal Business
Date: 11 de setembro de 2009 20:27
Fw: Testimonial Royal Business & Associates

Dear Mr. Fernandes,

I would like to thank you for submitting a CEO testimonial in support of the United Nations Seal the Deal! campaign for a fair, balanced and effective climate change agreement at the UN Convention on Climate Change in Copenhagen this December.

In support of this important campaign, we have compiled a selection of CEO testimonials in a publication that will be shared with attendees of the UN Leadership Forum on Climate Change on 22 September. I am pleased to let you know that your company's testimonial will be included.
Please note that slight revisions have been made to your testimonial for the purposes of formatting and in accordance with UN editorial guidelines. The following statement will be included in the publication:

Royal Business & Associados -
"As company of establishment business-oriented and projects, we support combating global warming, in the present time so that our future is prosperous, with the application of new technologies for a generation of renewable energy. We defend the position of the UN that globally the average temperature cannot increase 2ºC more and that the world reduces CO2 emissions by 50%, by 2050 and that rich countries support developing nations with financial resources and technology transfer in favor of a better world."
Clayton Fernandes, CEO, Brazil.

On behalf of the Global Compact Office, I want to thank your for this important contribution and your company's commitment to advancing sustainability.

Best Regards,
Sean Cruse, Ph.D
Communications Master
United Nations Global Compact
New York, USA.

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