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O blog Mix Ideias, vinculado ao grupo Royal Business & Associados tem a honra de noticiar que o seu comandante, Clayton Fernandes - signatário do Pacto Global das Nações Unidas -, fará parte do seleto grupo internacional de valores corporativos e responsabilidade social, vinculado a ONU e a Stanford Law School.

Veja a seguir o e-mail remetido pelo diretor da ONU, Chip Pitts - Stanford Law School Lecturer and co-author/editor of "Corporate Social Responsibility: A Legal Analysis". In the Art&Seek segment, Steve Wiest, the new director of UNT's One O'Clock Lab Band, discusses the Denton institution and the role of young musicians in jazz.pelo recebido nesse 11 de setembro

Data11 de setembro de 2009 08:54
Assunto: FW: Corporate Values

Chip Pitts here; thank you, Clayton. This is to acknowledge receipt of your kind email and let you know that we’re taking your input into account in the inventory of corporate values for the Corporate Values and Culture project. We will keep you and the other UN GC participants informed as work on the project continues. Chip PittsLecturer, Stanford Law School

Abaixo a carta de apresentação de Clayton Fernandes;
Sent: Saturday, August 15, 2009 7:16 PM

Att.Global Compact

Mr. Chip Pitts

Global Compact Office
Value Statement Royal Business & Associates
CEO - Clayton Fernandes
São Paulo, Brazil.

The Royal Business and Associates is a company that has as its main concern to add to add value near society, promoting citizenship, while conserving the environment and new technological development in the implantation of new businesses.

Mission: In the 20th century the companies had as a tradition, in the social context, to generate employment, to pay its taxes and tributes. In actuality its noticeable clear evolutionizing change in that character and each time more, the big corporations are adding to this new dimension. It’s the acceptation that the company has a more amplified social responsibility before the community. Royal Business comes to the 21st century articulating businesses and projects not only to obtain a profit in its essence, but also to the improvement of the quality of life of its Brazilian citizens, via the technological development of similar products however represented and the effectiveness of the contracted projects.

To achieve its mission in the social environment, Royal Business motivates its associates, collaborators, partners, employees, and family members to voluntarily get themselves involved in social actions, and will do as well as a company.

Value prime: Social responsibility and citizenship, allied to the intelligence of information and justice, having as its focus the management of resources to the human rights actions, environmental and the social orders linked to its communities.

Clayton Fernandes
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