Newsletter Exclusive CFR - Clinton's Challenge in Brazil

Mix ideias show articles exclusives and newsletter the CFR about Brazil and U.S. after official visit of U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Newsletter from New York - Clinton faces a difficult task persuading Brazil to join tougher UN sanctions on Iran, amid a series of important regional meetings, says CFR's Julia Sweig. Read more
First Take: "How to Read Brazil's Stance on Iran" by Matias Spektor
Article: "Brazil as an Emerging Power -The View from the United States" by Shannon O'Neil (South African Institute of International Affairs)
Op-ed: "An American in Brazil" by Julia Sweig (International Herald Tribune)
Foreign Affairs: "Obama's Tango - Restoring U.S. Leadership in Latin America" by Christopher Sabatini and Jason Marczak
Interview: "Obama's Disappointing Year" with Julia Sweig
Backgrounder: "Brazil on the International Stage"
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