Project Reference Belo Monte Royal Beehive

Brazil - The indigenous leaders had a plan. They would unite for a last, desperate stand against the mammoth dam threatening their lands in the Amazon, vowing to give their lives, if necessary, to prevent it from being built. “This will be our last cry for help,” said the chief of the Arara tribe, Jose Carlos Arara, after a meeting of leaders from 13 tribes last month. “We are not here to kill. We are here to defend our rights.” The judge in Brasília, Jirair Aram Meguerian, the president of the regional federal court, found that “there is no imminent danger for the indigenous community” because the auction “didn’t imply immediate construction” of the dam, “which involves numerous stages,” the court announced. (New York Times)
Mix Ideias report special Belo Monte;
The company Royal Business & Associates - www.royalbusinessconsult.com.br/home said; "International society does not tolerate most watertight of hydroelectric projects. To this end, the Project Reference Belo Monte Royal Beehive - Plant and more sustainable community is presented as a light amid the darkness social, leading to Brazilian citizens of all ethnic groups, Indians, blacks and whites who live around the plant; sustainability actions and environmental responsibility thereby including the green economy that respects the environment".

Enterprise Royal Business & Associados
Proposal the Project from
construction of hydroelectric development and local community
São Paulo Brazil
Clayton Fernandes -
Consultant and CEO
Subscriber Royal/Global Compact UN

Project Reference Belo Monte Royal Beehive - Community and Plant More Sustainable


Diagnose situations of vulnerability of Amazonian communities and ecosystems in relation to events generated by the plant and propose sustainable initiatives that lead to better adapt to its social and environmental impacts.

SUSTAINABILITY and actions have environmental responsibility as conditions of the plant's full success in its construction, operation, generation, distribution and sale of electricity to the national system of Eletrobras, besides being an international model of regional socio-economic Development in the medium to long term with the application of reference hydroelectric project more sustainable.

Sources: NYT, Mix Ideias and Royal Business & Associados.

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